Dear United : A Letter From A Ghanaian Fan

It has been a while since I saw you. But that is Ok. The international break can be difficult for everyone. The last time I saw you, you played an away game at the Riverside stadium and came away with three points. A surprise header from Marouane Fellaini, a brilliant solo effort from Jesse Lingard and a gift for Antonio Valencia from former United goalkeeper Victor Valdes set you back on course for a much needed potential Champions League place this season.

The international break is almost over and the Premier League returns in a few days. I cannot wait to see you again at home in that glorious red kit of yours I like so much. I heard Smalling and Jones are not going to be around for a while and our Big Swede will be out again for the final game of his 3 game ban.

He is a Swedish hero.

On a free from PSG,

He cost us f***ing zero.

6 foot 5; hard as f**k,

He gets the Reds excited.

Stick your City up your a**e,

Cos we are Man United!!!

Sorry, I couldnt resist the urge to sing his song one more time. I have been humming it to myself all morning. Anyway, West Brom are coming to town this weekend. There will be some familiar faces on their team bus. It took me a while to warm up to Darren Fletcher during his time with you, but I think he eventually matured into a very fine player. Maybe not the most talented but certainly good enough to rely on week in week out. He won five Premier League titles with you and will always be remembered by us fans for his reliability and endeavor. Unfortunately, that good spell was interrupted by a severe bowel condition, ulcerative colitis, and it threatened to end his career. A player moulded by the Great Sir Alex Ferguson and one of your greatest leaders on the pitch Roy Keane, he was certainly not going down without a fight. He overcame the illness and is now consistently playing at the Hawthorns. Coincidentally, he is closing in on a starting record of eighty two consecutive starts for WBA. Very impressive. Another familiar face returning to Old Trafford is Johnny Evans. A player that I honestly wasn't a huge fan of, but one whose effort on the pitch I grew to respect. He had a lot of good performances and some very memorable victories with you.

You beat WBA at the Hawthorns earlier this season and under normal circumstances, the result for this game should not be any different especially considering the last time you played them at home you walked away 2–0 victors. But as always (and this has been true for the last couple of seasons), my concern is where the goals are going to come from. You have relied on Ibrahimovic all season for goals and when he has not scored, You have for the most part struggled. Your goals last week were scored by Fellaini who may not start, Lingard who does not score much unless the game is being played at the Wembley stadium, and Valencia who again is a defender and has not been a source of goals either. I love Marcus Rashford, but his finishing has been suspect for some time now. He has great movement and certainly has an abundance of talent and potential, but a lot of the times he’s gotten into good positions to score this season he has been significantly poor. Of course he is still a young lad learning the game but unfortunately, you have high standards that need to be met week in week out and the responsibility is going to fall on his shoulders.

I was sad to see Schweinsteiger leave the club last week. He was always positive and had a great connection with the fans. Maybe you should have gotten him earlier in his career but i understand, we all make mistakes.

I wish you all the best this weekend, glory glory Man United!!!

Best regards, a Ghanaian fan.