Free Your Mind

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‘Free Your Mind’ is a popular Ghanaian colloquialism which means to let loose; to tell it exactly as it is. And that is exactly what the FYM crew aims to during their weekly podcast. Everything is fair game and there is no holding back!

March 15

05 | #BoycottMarwako, Grubby Little Hands And Virgin Bros

Hosts : Donald, Moos, Vee, Kess

The hosts begin the discussion on the Marwako incident that dominated headlines for the past month and resulted in the trend on social media, #boycottmarwako (1:17). The hosts have a debate on a story that sprang up during the week regarding some female students of the University of Ghana proposing that the details of lecturers who sexually harassed students should be made public (7:40).

The crew switch things up and get into the next segment for this episode called ‘Tweet Of The Week’, where the hosts bring up particular tweets that stood out for them on their timelines and they react to them (22:47).

Song Credit : Special thanks to Worlasi for use of his song, Cartoon. Find more of his work here.

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March 8

04 | Oscar Gaffe, Ghana must go and by the way, are you okay?

Hosts : Donald, Cel and Benji
Guests : Poqua (@Ms_Adu)

The hosts discuss the recent suicide case that rocked the nation and dominated the headlines in Ghana for the past couple of weeks regarding a student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), who took her own life by hanging herself in her room according to reports. The crew also talk about the speculation surrounding the reasons why she did it (1:39). The group discuss the broader topic of depression and mental health in Ghana (3:05).

The group discuss mental health support systems in the Ghanaian society (11:58) the co hosts get into the “Ghana Must Go” segment which is basically a segment where they discuss certain habits, perceptions and issues that Ghana as a nation need to let go of, or improve upon. This week, the group discuss the flaws in the Ghanaian educational system (22:39).

Song Credit : Special thanks to Worlasi for use of his song, Cartoon. Find more of his work here..

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February 22

Ep. 03| A Trip Down Memory Lane, #StrandedBae & We Talk Ribs

Hosts : Donald, Vee & Cel
Guest : Jeffrey Forson

In this episode of FYM Vee explains the origin story of the recently trending hashtag on social media #strandedbae (1:48). Cel mentions how ingenious it is to print a person’s face on your shirt if you’re picking them up from the airport rather than holding a sign up with their name on it,free advice! (3:42). Jeffrey reacts to #strandedbae as he questions several decisions made by ‘Bae’ (8:20). Donald questions whether an argument could be made about people having a working relationship via social media these days, Jeffrey clearly disagrees (10:12). Vee thinks people can start relationships via social media but its not enough to maintain a real one (10:23). Jeffrey says just because someone calls you their “rib” on social media doesn’t mean they want to “put a ring on it” (10:30). Jeffrey does not think the woman in question has a reason to be upset (11:25). Vee thinks the woman in question has some reason to be upset but she generally fooled herself (11:29). Donald questions whether a guy is still a random dude after 3 months of interaction (12:14). Cel thinks that having seen a guy on facetime and hearing his voice is enough not to label this person a random dude (12:19). Jeffrey thinks it’s very easy to show a person what you want them to see on social media and is therefore dangerous to take any of it seriously (12:49). Vee and Cel think the woman is a schemer and her actions were calculated (15:52). Vee and Cel also suspect the sex must have been whack but Jeffrey disagrees that it explains the guy’s behaviour (19:12).

The co hosts play “One Man Thousand with Jeffrey Forson, with Donald explaining what this segment is all about (21:00) . Jeffrey talks about his personality and dishes on who he was in high school after Cel asks him how popular he was in high school (23:38). Jeffrey shares his opinion on whether his girl can still be friends with her ex (25:02). Vee asks Jeffrey if he has ever been involved in a sex tape (25:56). Jeffrey and the co hosts discuss the differences between sex scenes from Ghanaian movies and others (26:52). Jeffrey takes the co hosts down memory lane regarding silly high school behaviour after Cel asks him to reveal his most embarrassing moment (27:42). Jeffrey dishes out on his role and debuting in season 2 of Ghanaian TV series Cocoa Brown (30:12). Jeffrey also discusses his upcoming project “the Northern King (30:40).

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Song Credit : Special thanks to Worlasi for use of his song, Cartoon. Find more of his work here.

February 22

Ep. 02 | Titles, Dreadlocks And Broken Dreams

Hosts : Moos, Donald Aryee, Cel, AJ & Benji

On this episode of FYM, we discuss the relentless expectations of African parents with regards to their children’s careers and relationships (1:00). The group share their personal experiences with regards to their parents trying to control their career choices (3:16). The co hosts discuss how much the lack of appreciation for the arts and monetary concerns influence that sort of behaviour by Ghanaian parents (7:55).

The group discuss whether African parents expectations are a manifestation or a reflection of the general beliefs of society or are their opinions shaping society (9:54). Moos speaks up on the necessity of collaboration in modern times (16:48). The co hosts discuss getting parents to accept career choices (17:42). The group discuss how it affects the children when that particular relentless control is extended into their choices with regards to their relationships (23:05).

Song Credit : Special thanks to Worlasi for use of his song, Cartoon. Find more of his work here.

February 22

Ep. 01 | Rejection, Mind Games And The Hunt

Hosts : Moos, Donald Aryee, Vee, Kess & Benji.

Welcome to the maiden episode of Free Your Mind!

On this episode, the crew discuss whether men are better equipped to handle rejection compared to women (1:10). The group share their personal experiences with rejection (3:55). The FYM crew talk about some of the common reactions to rejection (15:15) Vee and Kess talk about “the grieving period” and their expectations of men who get rejected from a woman’s perspective (24:34).

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Song Credit : Special thanks to Worlasi for use of his song, Cartoon. Find more of his work here.