AC Milan : The Falling Giant

AC Milan, Milan for short. A club that needs no introduction. The 3rd most successful club in the world with 7 Champions League trophies and 18 domestic titles. Success was never far away from the San Siro so what has gone wrong?

The return to the top remains elusive for I Rossoneri

Normally I would dive deeper into the history of a great club that once terrified any opposition at the prospect of facing them and dazzled football fans worldwide with not just their beautiful and compact football, but also boasted of some legendary names the football world can never forget.Kaka, Shevchenko, Ibrahimovic, Gattuso, Cafu, Seedorf, Maldini, Inzaghi are a few of the names my generation of football fans will always remember fondly whether you were a Milanista or not. It must be heart breaking now for a Milanista, having experienced the greatness that exuded from those magnificent personalities to be reduced or forced to watch players like Bonaventura, Antonelli, Kucka etc.

Milan’s bright future

Don't get me wrong. Bacca is great. hes a very good striker, certainly one of the most reliable in Europe. Niang and Suso are very exciting talents. Romagnoli can become a great defender for Italy some day alongside Rugani of Juventus. But Donnaruma has been the standout player so far for me at Milan this season. Already an understudy to the Legend Gianluigi Buffon for the national team, Donnaruma is a player showing signs that he can become just as great as his mentor.

Managers come and go just as much as players do these days at the Rossoneri, as stability at the club has been difficult to obtain. They have given opportunities to ex-Milan players who have managerial ambitions but unfortunately that has not worked. But in Vincenzo Montella, they seem to have found a manager who could possibly steady the ship and take them forward.Milan struggle these days to fill up the San Siro which is the largest stadium in Italy. This is largely due to the fans disgust at the club losing big name players recently and not getting the right replacements. Financially they are struggling to compete with Europe's heavyweights and the best chance now for success is in promising young players with the right blend of experience. Milan have spent enough on mediocre aging players with Serie A experience, and quite frankly that has not worked either.

With 8th, 10th and 7th as successive finishes in Serie A for the past 3 seasons, despite sitting in 6th place in Serie A so far this season, Milan face an uphill battle to reach the heights that saw them tussle with Europe's elite for top honors, but steady improvements under Montella may offer a small glimmer of hope for the future.